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Alpaca United
Alpaca United is a textile fiber company created and funded by the North American Alpaca farmers and processors to make their fiber more competitive in world markets. The company will manage market building activities designed to increase share of market, product demand and pricing. It is structured as a for-profit entity with a flexible framework allowing for new business plans with low barriers of entry and positive cash-flow. These plans are expected to generate sufficient revenue to bolster investor capital and sustain on-going operations.
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Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association
The association was formed for the following purposes. (1) To promote public awareness and membership appreciation of the alpaca's unique qualities; (2) To educate the membership on the care and breeding of the alpaca; (3) To promote the growth of the alpaca industry as a whole; (4) To foster the establishment of the breed outside of its native land by encouraging husbandry and breeding practices based upon, but not limited to, herd health, overall soundness, and wool production; and (5) To establish and maintain an alpaca registry.

Alpaca Registry, Inc.
Alpaca Registry, Inc (ARI), headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska is the largest alpaca pedigree registry in the world. ARI is the only organization of its kind in the United States, but also registers alpacas in Canada and other countries throughout the world.

Alpaca Research Foundation
The Mission of the Alpaca Research Foundation is to encourage and support scientific research which benefits the North American alpaca industry, primarily in the areas of alpaca health, husbandry, genetics and fiber.

North American Alpaca Fiber Producers
NAAFP is an agriculture cooperative that was created to establish the highest level of quality alpaca products from fiber produced and processed in North America by alpaca fiber producers who have their fiber sorted by a certified fiber sorter, using the Certified Sorted(TM) system.

Alpaca Academy
Powered by Alpaca Registry Inc., Alpaca Academy provides education and information for the entire alpaca community. Topics range from the most common questions about alpacas and the industry to in depth articles on EPDs, genetics, and breeding. Alpaca Academy also provides information on the latest alpaca research and links to additional resources
Alpaca Academy

TxOLAN is comprised of alpaca owners and other individuals from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico. Our mission is to educate the public concerning the long-term benefits of owning and promoting alpacas and alpaca products in the South Central United States. TxOLAN has been serving our member states for over 10 years representing some of the most experienced breeders in the industry. Our members are highly sought after for their vast experiece and knowledge in Alpaca breeding.

Updated October 11, 2017