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About Us

What peace and quiet!

In 2000 we decided to move back to the country.  Both of us lived in the country growing up and missed the peace and quiet.  So we started  even though we still had jobs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and had a nice home in Carrollton, Texas.  At first we just wanted a place to get away from the city to just unwind.  In 2005 we ended up finding this sweet little ranch house that sat on 15 acres with one small barn and some fencing located about 100 miles southwest of Ft Worth in a small town called Morgan Mill.  

We needed some type of livestock to keep the ag-exempt going on this property.  So we started out with small herd of boer goats.  We thought we could do this; Jeff grew up worked on a dairy and hog farm in Ohio.  But it didn't turn out like we thought it would be.  Goats are very good at getting into places you don't want them to be in and getting out of pens that you want to keep them in.  On top of that, we lost half the herd the first year due to bobcats and coyotes. The donkey we had to protect the goats was fired and replaced with our first Great Pyrenees (Bear).

Jeff still worked at HP in Richardson, Tx and commuted into the city on Monday and came home for the weekends.  Pam was able to work remote with her job, so she stayed on the ranch while Jeff was in town.  Pam really didn't care for the goats since she had to take care of them during the week.  Our male goat would always chase her when she when into the barn.  So all the goats got shipped off to the livestock sale.

We still needed some type of livestock and this is when we first came across alpacas.  After some research and farm visits,  we purchased our first two males-just to test the waters.  Then we purchased a female with a cria at her side.  And a year later Jeff purchased a package deal of 10 animals.  Then came a new barn, the llama (Rosco), another Great Pyrenees (Annabelle), 9 hens, a rooster named Don Juan and 2 beehives.  We have added a cat and two pups as guard dogs in training!

As you can see, what started out as a place to get away and unwind has basically snowballed into something else.  Jeff left HP and now runs the ranch full time and Pam, she is semi retired  but she doesn't have to mess with the goats any more.  It's not the peace and quiet we envisioned, but in itself, it is a wonderful life style we have grown accustom to. 

Come by, visit, we'll save a place on the front porch swing for you!

Updated October 11, 2017